CFB regular season 'Uniform of the Week' tournament

It has been a great regular season of college football- especially for the uniforms. Here, I present the best 'Uniform of the Week' of the 2011 regular season- tournament style.


#11 Northwestern (week 6)       
#12 Illinois (week 5)              -to play  #1 South Florida (week 11)

#5 Virginia Tech (week 8)
#6 Boise State (week 14)     -to play   #4 California (week 3)

#9 TCU (week 9)
#10 Oregon (week 7)           -to play   #2 Virginia Tech (week 4)

#7 Texas Tech (week 12)
#8 California (week 10)        -to play   #3 Maryland (week 13)


#11 Northwestern (week 6)  def.  #12 Illinois (week 5)
Illinois wide receiver A.J. Jenkins (8) scores a touchdown against Northwestern during the first half of the NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011, in Champaign, Ill. Photo: Seth Perlman / APNorthwestern%20quarterback%20Dan%20Persa%20is%20sacked%20by%20Michigan%20linebacker%20Kenny%20Demens%20during%20the%20first%20half.%20%28Nuccio%20DiNuzzo%2C%20Chicago%20Tribune%29
Easy decision here- simplicity and sharpness over modernization. Northwestern does 'all-black' justice.

#6 Boise State (week 14)  def.  #5 Virginia Tech (week 8)

In an 'orange vs. orange' showdown, Boise State wins out because of the slightly-better helmets. This will probably be one of the closest matchups of the whole tournament. Two great uniforms here.

#9 TCU (week 9)  def.  #10 Oregon (week 7)
Oregon vs. Arizona State

In a 'black vs. black' matchup, TCU wins out because of their great font. The numbers on Oregon's jerseys do look a bit too metallic here, compared to the clean-yet-modern look of TCU. The Horned Frogs hop on to round two.

#7 Texas Tech (week 12)  def.  #8 California (week 10)
 Will Kapp #22 Of The California Golden Bears Runs

In another close contest, the Red Raiders edged out the Golden Bears by the white on their shiny new helmets. With two great mono-color uniforms here, Tech's stormtrooper uniform prevails due to it's great use of the black stripes and the white helmet. On to round two!


#1 South Florida (week 11)  def.  #11 Northwestern (week 6)

No upset here- the Bull's powerful white-top-green-bottom combo easily overpowers Northwestern's simplistic black design. As the Bulls move on, they will face a little tougher competition in round three.

#6 Boise State (week 14)  def.  #4 California (week 3)

The run stays alive for Boise State, as they knock off a tough opponent in Cal. While Cal's color combo was better, the helmet and pant-design for Boise State definitely superior in this matchup, and the Broncos will move on to face the top seed in round three.

#2 Virginia Tech (week 4)  def.  #9 TCU (week 9)

While TCU's uniforms competed, they were no match for Virginia Tech's new orange helmets and pants. The recently-added stripes to VT's pants and shoulders pushed them past TCU easily in round two.

#3 Maryland (week 13)  def.  #7 Texas Tech (week 12)

This was a matchup of two greatly-striped uniforms. While Tech's black/red stripes came out strong, Maryland's two-color combo on yellow pants eventually won out, as they provided for a great color combination with the Terps' new black matte helmets.


#1 South Florida (week 11)  def.  #6 Boise State (week 14)

I would definitely watch this game if it were played. Not for the football, obviously; for the uniforms. Two great helmets, and two great color-combos. Unfortunately for the Broncos, they added too many shoulder stripes, and USF's modern simplicity overpowered Boise State in the end.

#3 Maryland (week 13)  def.  #2 Virginia Tech (week 4)

An upset? I think not. While the Hokies' stripes are superior to Maryland's, the Terp's color combination is a force yet to be reckoned with. Maryland moves on with modern flare, and faces USF in the finals.


#3 Maryland (week 13)  def.  #1 South Florida (week 11)

The finals is a rare 'all-Under Armor' matchup, and USF would meet their demise. Maryland has been taking heat all year for their new uniforms, and in some cases it is needed (week one). But these uniforms are worth a trophy. When I saw USF's uni's in week 11, I thought, "Nothing can top this." Yet, in week 13, Maryland proved me wrong. Modern design, sleek black matte helmets, great use of red/black stripes, and an overall simplistic-modern combination make Maryland's week 13 uniforms the best of this year's regular season of college football. Nice try, USF, but Maryland's color combo has you beat.

Tune in soon for a review of the bowl game uniforms, followed by a similar crowning of the 'college football post-season uniform champion'.

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